Marbury Plaza Concerned Tenants- Tenants’ Association (MPCTA) is a nonprofit corporation organized and chartered under the authority of the nonprofit corporation laws of the District of Columbia. In our capacity, we serve as the representatives of tenants who currently reside in the 672 units of Marbury Plaza Apartments, located at 2300 Good Hope Rd. SE, Washington, DC 20020. Marbury Plaza is positioned in Ward 7, Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC) 7B.

The purposes of the Association are:


2.1       To speak with a united voice for the tenants residing in the Marbury Plaza apartments, and to take such actions as may be appropriate to advance the interests of the tenants and the association;

2.2       To improve the quality of life in the Marbury Plaza Apartment community, to establish mutual protection and services, and to promote a safe, clean neighborhood environment in which to live and raise a family;

2.3       To encourage friendly relations among tenants and their neighbors by organizing and promoting social, educational, and civic activities and affairs and forming welcoming committees to greet new residents;

2.4       To keep all members informed on issues of neighborhood concern by appropriate communications and meetings, by publishing newsletters, newspapers, books, periodicals, or other materials for the benefit of the tenants, and to represent the interests and benefits of the tenants by providing testimony at public and civic forums;

2.5       To take and hold title to real property that may be deemed appropriate by the board of directors and to represent the tenants of Marbury Plaza in all aspects of any sale and tenant opportunity to purchase management of the property subsequent to the purchase;

2.6       To ensure protection and exercise of tenant rights guaranteed under District of Columbia rental housing law, including negotiation, litigation, or settlement of any issue;

2.7       To retain legal counsel for representation for any lawful purpose arising from the interests and for the benefit of the Association; and tenants of Marbury Plaza


2.8       To represent the tenants of Marbury Plaza in any and all other legal purposes allowed under nonprofit corporation law of the District of Columbia.






The tenants at Marbury Plaza represent all walks of life. We desire a place that is safe, sanitary, habitable and conducive to our basic right of quiet enjoyment. The owners and the property management company have failed to provide and maintain units and common areas in safe, sanitary, and habitable condition. Tenants have been forced to live in units plagued by leaks, floods, loss of air conditioning and heat, no hot water, mold, rodents, electrical problems and much more. Although tenant volunteers are willing to work long and hard, we do not have the legal expertise needed at this critical point in the process. The issues are so complex and multi-faceted that we have found it necessary to retain the services of counsel. We are now facing our most challenging obstacle. Our legal fight will be a very long and complicated ordeal.

The owners, The Lighstone Group (A&A Marbury LLC.) are currently in default on their loan with the Community Bank of New York. As a result of the gross negligence of this property the owners are under extreme scrutiny by the District of Columbia for the myriad of housing code violations at the property. They are out of compliance with federal and district laws through multiple agencies and have recently been admonished by the Attorney General of the District of Columbia.

  1. April,do we have to be at the litigation on the 19th.Also I will be at 2300 by 6:OOPM TODAY with Mr.Pettaway’s case file for the litigation. I will deliver the case to your door. PettawayGeorge

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